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Raspberry Pi KODI Touchscreen support

July, 2013

Raspberry Pi, RaspBMC & eGalax touchscreen

RaspBMC: Touchscreen calibration & extra features Update: For OSMC please click The following tutorial describes additional steps, after installation of RaspBMC, to enable calibration and extra functionality for the eGalax touchscreen in XBMC. By using a modified version of ts_calibrate for touchscreen calibration and python utility uinput-mapper, it’s possible to generate a user-input device even […]

Xbian1.0 Beta 1 – eGalax video

BTN_RIGHT and single touch select…

RaspBMC – eGalax video

BTN_RIGHT and single touch select…   The hot-plug feature isn’t responding well, yet, so I modified the uimapper.conf file for it to work at start-up. Follow the new RaspBMC tutorial